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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When can I make reservations?
. Reservation commencement dates are the same each year and begin one-year in advance of the season.

The commencement dates are:

Gold Season – Second Monday in June

Silver Season – Second Monday in September

Platinum Season – Second Monday in November

Platinum Plus – Second Monday in December

Your online reservation request form will not be available for booking before the commencement dates.

Q. How do I make a reservation?
 Your best option is to fill out the online reservation request form by logging into your owner account. The form will auto fill your name, contract number, unit type and RPG if applicable. You must select at least 4 week choices to submit your form. You will be emailed a copy of your request upon submission. Please save this for your records. If you opt to fax, or mail the form it is your responsibility to assure the form is received by Owner Services Office. Reservations must be submitted on an appropriate form. We do not accept telephone reservations. Please be sure to fill in all owner information, choose weeks and mark how the unit will be used. Forms that are not fully completed cannot be processed.

Q. Do I have to put multiple choices of weeks when reserving?
 It is in your best interest to put at least six choices on the reservation request form for the best opportunity to receive a week you desire. If the weeks you have selected are not available we will make every effort to contact you prior to starting the next priority group; however we cannot guarantee a new week selection.

Q. Once I have deposited my unit into the rental pool or with RCI may I withdraw the deposit or change the size of the deposit?
 No. Once a unit has been deposited the deposit cannot be withdrawn or changed. Only a 7-night deposit will be accepted.

Q. How can I use my unit as a split week?
 You must occupy your full 2-bedroom unit. The week is split on a 3-night (Friday to Monday) and 4-night (Monday to Friday) stay. These must be booked and used in the same fiscal season. No exceptions to allow occupancy for two weekends shall be made. Split weeks do require a $100 split fee.

Q. Can I reserve a date in another season?  
A. Only by use of an exchange company. Each week in each season is owned and must be held for the owners of that time period. If you would like to visit in a different season than you own, we recommend depositing with an exchange company and trading back into the Cliff Club. Please keep in mind that availability at The Cliff Club through the exchange company can not be guaranteed.

Q. What is the process for selecting owners week requests?
 Request forms are sorted by RPG for Silver and Platinum owners and by date received for Gold season. Any forms received after the reservation booking cut of date will be processed last. The next step is to sort forms by the first choice week and Friday or Saturday. The forms are also sorted by unit type. If there are more requests for a specific date than units, the forms to receive the requested date are randomly selected. If you only requesting high demand weeks you may not receive your choice. Keep in mind that there are 54 units in one week, and 200 plus owners in one priority group. It is best when requesting a high demand week, to also add other choices (6 or more total) to so we are able to reserve you a week. High demand weeks are processed first. Anyone that does not receive their
first choice will be put with the forms with their second choice for possible selection. We make every effort to contact owners prior to moving to the next RPG if there are booking questions, however this can not be guaranteed.

Q. Can I carry my usage from one season to the next?
 No. If you fail to make a reservation for your unit within your season you will lose that usage. You can however deposit usage with an exchange company during your season to be used later. We are affiliates with both RCI and II.

Q. How are Mountain Facing rooms assigned?
 Mountain facing, or resort side, rooms are assigned based on the number of owners visiting the Cliff Club for a particular week. Owners using their unit have first priority, but on high owner occupancy weeks some owners will have Canyon facing rooms. Consideration is given to previous room assignments, yet there can be no guarantee that because you had a canyon view on your last visit you will have a mountain view the next. Every effort is made to keep the rooming assignments fair to all owners. Requests can be made but are not guaranteed.

Q. How does the Snowbird Rental Program work?
 The rental program is a seasonal pooling system. Revenue is gathered and divided equally amongst owners, in the rental program, based on the size of the unit and the point value per module (a two-bedroom condo consists of 3 modules). The point values are determined by the date the unit is booked into the rental pool. Please refer to Rental Pool page to learn more.

Q. When can I check in?
 Check in begins at 4 pm. We will check you in early if a room is available, but early check in can not be guaranteed. On high occupancy dates, even though every attempt is made to clean and re-stock rooms in a timely manner early check in can be difficult. Please contact Owner Services office prior to your arrival to request an early check in so we can assist with accommodating the request when possible.

Q. How are maintenance fees determined?
A. The Cliff Club is a non-profit organization. Maintenance fees collected by the Association are to cover cost of operating The Cliff Club and future maintenance and refurbishment. Costs are reviewed and the budget is set annually by your Association’s Board of Directors. The Operating Budget, Reserves and Property Tax Assessment can be found here by logging in to your owner account.

Q. When are maintenance fees due?
A. Please refer to your bill statement for your exact due date. However, maintenance fees are due by July 31st of each year.

Q. Are rollaway beds available?
A. Rollaway beds are available for use in the bedroom units only. There is a use fee of $25 per night.

Q. What is the cost to use the valet service?
A. Valet service is $20 per car per night. Self parking is free.

Q. Can I request extra kitchen or bedroom items?
A. Extra items are available upon request. Kitchen items such as crock pots and blenders are available on a first come first serve basis. We have high chairs and cribs available on request as well. Rooms have additional blankets and pillows in the closets.