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How To Log in

Our Owner Portal provides many helpful services related to your Cliff Club ownership. You can:

  • Access your upcoming reservation dates
  • Fill out an online reservation request form. The new format lets you submit the form directly to Owner Services and also sends you an auto-reply with the copy of your filled form.
  • Access Internal Exchange
  • Make payments

How to log in to your owner account for the first time

1. Select Owner Login at the top right corner.

2. In case if you are using your phone, click on the menu button at the top right corner and select the first link.

3. At the sign in page, select Forgot Password.

4. Next, put in your owner number and click Reset Password.

5. A temporary password is sent to your email.

6. Copy and paste this password to the Login page.

7. Once logged in you can reset to a personal password by clicking on Change Password in the white box at the top.

Troubleshooting sign-in issues

If you are not receiving password reset email: 

* Check your Spam folder. The password reset email comes from

* Make sure the owner number is correct. (Don’t confuse it with the contract number).

* If you have more than one email, make sure to use the one that you have requested to put in your owner file.

If you have received password reset email, but it still wouldn’t let you log-in…

Make sure you copy and paste the password. Please do not try to retype those passwords as they are case sensitive.