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Cliff Club Renovation

The bathrooms in the Cliff Club units are being fully renovated. The work will be done over the next two summers, beginning this year May, 2024 and continuing until December of 2024. This full renovation will include replacing the drain lines, lowering the tub in the kitchen bathrooms and replacing the tub in the bedroom baths with a walk-in shower. The new design is both beautiful, and functional and also includes new light fixtures, water saving toilets, and a fan / heat unit.

Unfortunately, to provide this much needed improvement we do anticipate the renovation will cause noise throughout the building, which will be loud at times. To limit the disturbance as much as possible,

Work hours will be Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

We do anticipate loud noise due to drilling on concrete, removal, and installation of old cast iron piping as well as hammering. We will be doing our best to limit noise to specific days, but this is not something we can guarantee. Additionally, work will be in progress on each floor due to the vertical work for the drain and water lines. We do understand that this is an inconvenience; however, it is unavoidable as the work must be completed and cannot be stopped due to any requests.

We recommend planning outdoor activities, to avoid peak noise times, and will do our best to notify you in advance when the work will cause the most disruption.