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Reservation & Fees Rules

Booking Your Reservation:

In order to be equally considered for your desired usage dates, please submit your reservation requests on time. Reservation commencement dates occur on the same day each year and end at midnight 21 days after the start date. Any form submitted after the deadline will be processed after all other forms are completed. Commencement dates are as follows:

  • Gold Season – 2nd Monday in June
  • Silver Season – 2nd Monday in September
  • Platinum Season – 2nd Monday in November
  • Platinum Plus – 2nd Monday in December

We recommend using the online booking form available by logging into your owner account. Please keep in mind, that reservations are not guaranteed by submission of the request, you must receive a confirmation. It is the owners responsibility to assure that the reservation form is submitted on time and the reservation is confirmed.

Understanding your RPG (Reservation Priority Group)

Silver and Platinum season forms will be processed by group based off the ownerships RPG (Gold season does not have priority groups). Your ownership RPG is always the same. The order of the RPG rotates each year. For example if one year the order is ABCD, the next year would be BCDA, and the following year CDAB. If there are more requests than units for an intended date of occupancy or high demand time period, the use will be determined by a drawing within the priority group.

  • RPG order for 2024-25 year is DABC.
  • RPG order for 2025-26 year is ABCD.
  • RPG order for 2026-27 year is BCDA.

I Missed My Booking Window… Now What?

Requests can be made up to 60 days prior to arrival based on availability.

Depositing with an Exchange Company

If you choose to deposit your time with an exchange company weeks program the maintenance fees must be paid for the year to be deposited. The exchange company and account number must be noted on the booking form.

***Interval International will not accept a double lock off as they do not book the kitchen as a stand alone unit.

Locking Off Rooms:

Each two-bedroom condominium is capable of a triple-lock off within the same one-week usage. You are also able to split your week with one week being a Friday to Monday and the second week being a Monday to Friday. If you opt to lock off units or split your week the following fees apply:

1 room locked off = $50, 2 rooms locked off = $100, Split week = $100